Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beading & Painting

This is my beaded project based on an article I saw in Quilting Arts magazine.  The background is silk habotai, spritzed with water, and painted with dyna-flow paints which cause the mottle appearance.  The darker bushes are where the green was painted over the blue.   I painted the tree based on a photo of a tree I took on a walk and then added a gazillion beads to show the leaves.  

Detail of
quilting to
depict grasses etc.

Beading Detail

Felting Fish

Christy & I took a felting class this summer.    The project was to work on a fish.   It was great fun - we started with a piece of batting in the basic form of a fish, added batting for stuffing, then used roving wool and shingled it across the form of our fish.   Then we needle felted it, added spots, and began the wet felting process.   Here you put your needle felted fish shape into a bag of warm soap water and just keep manipulating the fish to get the warm soapy water into it.   Occasionally we had to microwave the fish to get it warm again.  When we felt it was done, we dumped out the water and laid the fish in the sun to dry.   This is my fish and a couple of the beading details I added later to give it finesse.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Collage Quilt

My Art Quilt Group is doing collage quilts for our next meeting.  This is a picture of the first one I did called "Pretty in Pink".   It is my granddaughter when she was about 9 or 10 years old.   I cropped an Easter Egg coloring photo and then changed it to black & white.   Then I colorized it all pink for this project.   (Her favorite color - of course).  She loves animal prints and this is the closest (although not exact) that I could find.   I used photo transfer paper, card stock, fabric, & beads.   Her "apparent earring" is a large bead/pendant.