Monday, June 30, 2014

Tree Stump interpreted in art!

This quilt is as yet unnamed.   While wintering in Florida this past February and March, one of the places we visited was Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon.   It is a gorgeous park, gorgeous blue water, but like so many of the parks, it has fallen on hard times and upkeep is difficult.   Still, I found it very beautiful and found much inspiration for my art quilts.

This is a picture of a tree stump.   Nothing special, except it really attracted me with the circling vines of leaves and the colorful fungus.   I took about 20 pictures, hoping to get just the gith view and coloring, (most people are used to me taking photos of weird things).

This is my interpretation in fabric.   The total quilt is about 23 x 35. 

I made my bark out of about 5 different fabrics, using the Karen Eckmeier method of cutting curved strips, folding under and pressing a 1/4 inch and then doing top stitching really close to the folded edge.   This allowed for some texture on the "bark".    Rattail forms the vines and the appliquéd leaves are attached only by stitching the veins.  The "fungus" is made using batik and doing some scrunching if the fabric.  There is a small amount of beadwork only for a little visual interest,   I decided to add the green fabric to give the depth of a forest,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am humbled......and honored!

A few posts down I wrote about a quilt I had made and I called it "Circular Motion".

Yesterday I received a request from the creator of this pattern to feature it on her blog.   She had been alerted to my choice of color ways by someone who had seen this on my blog.   Her choice was red....mine...naturally.....was purple!  No big surprise there.

I don't know how to use "links" on Blogger, so will just post the URL and hope you will follow it to check out her blog also.

Her name is Karen Neary and her blog and patterns are under "Sew Karen-ly Created".   I hope you will peruse her blog and some of her ideas,   I follow her regularly always find them interesting.  

Thanks Karen, you made my day!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A new baby on the way......and a baby shower

My daughter Heather very pregnant daughter.....has been home from Kansa for the past 3 weeks.  While here, her sister, Karen, hosted a baby shower!  🍼.  It was outdoors and it was windy and cool, but we had a great time.   Here are some photos recapturing the day:

This was Karen's favorite must do decoration.   The baby's name (yes it is a girl, named Elaina Karrington) was alternated with "onesies"!   It was also the one decoration that withstood the wind that day,

Of course I had to make her a quilt.....

But this was my favorite quilt I gave her.   This was her baby quilt, made by my mother.   The embroidery withstood time and was in perfect shape.  The backing, not so much.   My mother wasn't a great quilter so I had to remove the backing and take out the flannel sheet she used for batting and add uilt inn thru all the layers.   I named it "Grandmothers and Granddaughters"and wrote the history on the label, ending with "this quilt has been touched and loved by 4 generations"

This is our family.....all gathered for the special day!

Finally, my two girls....."sisters"!    💜

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Henri Matisse inspired portrait challenge

Recently a small group of us from my RAFA ( Rochester Area Fiber Artists) group visited the Matisse drawings exhibit at the Rochester Memorial  Art Gallery.   We were so taken with the simple lines used to denote a face we decided to challenge ourselves to do something in art quilt form.  We were to use 2 colors and it was to be 12 x 12...and due at our next meeting.

I used 2 hand dyed fabrics in blue and purple color ways.  I cut curved line strips in various sizes and shapes and used them to form the face and it's features.  The rest were spread around the face....possibly denoting hair.   My technique was machine appliqué,   I have always loved the half face/full face portraits and this fits right in.    Pretty pleased with how it came outl