Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Round Robin Art Quilts Revealed!

Last night was our ArtCGirlz Round Robin Reveal.   If you don't know what that is - a single piece of fabric or small quilt was handed off to a group to add their own take and embellishments on what you had started.    Once it left your hands, you did not see the piece again until it was finished.  That can be stressful for some, but I think most would agree that the reveal was well worth the wait.   (I feel like HGTV when they talk about the big reveal)!   We had 2 groups, 5 or 6 in each group.

It all began with a single piece of snow dyed fabric (from Mary Lee, also in our group) that I won at a guild workshop raffle!
It looked so floral to me - I could see a garden, but I gave the group no direction or expectation.   We all gave our favorites "loves" or desires.   Mine were anything nature, butterflies, purple, and beads.   But I explicitly said I had no expectations or directions.

This is what I received last night!!!!!!

A Victorian Tea Party - well that is what it appears to me!

 Lori started it out with my favorites - purple butterflies and a small purple doily which became the tablecloth.   She pictured a garden in Sicily - ala "Golden Girls".   That set the whole tone of the piece, as the first person quite often does in a round robin like this.
 Martha was next - adding a thread work arbor and flowers.   Absolutely stunning.
Mary Ellen Casey added the wrought iron chairs and the table skirt.   Chris Keuhl made the lovely embroidered 3-D pillow.

And finally, Chris added the clay pot with flowers.

I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything.   Now it is up to me to figure how to finish it!!!