Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Sunday Morning Stroll in October

Well, if you read my previous posts, you know I'm still not quilting because of surgery on my finger (more involved than I originally thought--Silly, naive Elaine!!)   Anyway, I took the camera out today since it was a nice sunny day for a change!

This would be my favorite row of trees in Centennial Park - quite possibly the only real color this year.   We seem to be seriously lacking in color in this part of the state.
A very interesting tree in the park.

Interesting texture from said tree.   I like the roots - they al look rather "halloween-like"!

My favorite tree on my street, that is NOT mine!   It looks rather "painterly" don't you think?
Closeup of said tree.   I like the way the leaves move about the tree.
Just some lone red leaves amongst all the dead burdocks.   I like the juxtaposition of the bright, living with the dull dead leaves.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Be Very Careful...........

This is a VERY dangerous object!

 It is not just the lid of a soup can as you might imagine, it is as dangerous to your fingers
as a rotary cutter (if you are a quilter).  In late June I was opening a can of soup with this type of ring top lid and it just "snapped".   I had to go to the ER immediately and returned home with 4 stitches.   After about 6 weeks it all seemed to be healing just fine - on the outside.   But the color was off, parts of my finger were still numb and parts hurt to touch.   I was referred to a hand surgeon and am now awaiting surgery to repair a severed nerve.   Apparently the nerve endings are attaching to scar tissue and if I touch it at all, or try to use it, it is like sticking my finger in a light socket.   So, next week I will have surgery to insert a conduit like object into my fingers into which the nerve endings will be get them away from everything else they are looking for and/or attaching to.

So, I have no new quilts to show right now - but, stay tuned!!!