Sunday, January 16, 2022

Guild Challenge Reveal

Every year my quilt guild (Museum Quilt Guild) issues a challenge to its members.  The quilts are revealed and displayed for a month at the Richmond Library in Batavia.   The challenge theme this year was "Rock, Paper, Scissors".  Rock was to depict a traditional pieced quilt, Paper was for paper piecing and Scissors was appliqué.    This was my quilt entry for "rock".  I always wanted to try a quilt pattern that looked 3 D.  This uses 2 fabrics…..the background and a gradated blue dot batik.   It may be a traditional pieced quilt…..of 378 small 3 inch triangles, but it is certainly very non traditional for me.   

Sunday, January 9, 2022


Preparing a couple of pieces to enter in a show with the theme of Harmony.   Finished this piece this week.  I titled it... “The Yin and Yang of Music is Harmony”     It is 12x12.  

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Beside The Still Waters

One of my best quilt show Experiences has been the Sacred Threads Quilt Show held in Herndon, VA. every two years.  I have exhibited in 3 of them and this year will be my 4th.  The show is juried but not judged.  It is all about the story and the craftsmanship in quilting to tell that story.  I was honored this year to learn that my quilt “Beside The Still Waters” would be used for promotional photos.  

The quilt is based on a photo challenge I participated in for reflections.  I took the photo at one of our favorite walks around the pond.  I had it printed to fabric and added thread painting and thread embellishments.  This is the quilt:

This is the promotional poster or card for the show.   

If you ever get a chance to attend this show, you really should.  It is a very spiritual experience. 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

I Needed To Get Out Of The House!

Oh my goodness it’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  Covid Mania has kept me home a lot but when I woke up this morning with nothing specific to look forward to, it was time to do something.   So off we went to the Conservatory in Rochester……cameras in hand of course. Lots of Poinsettias but also lots of other photo opportunities!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Finally....a sunny day!

It is freezing cold and we have snow. But it was such a beautiful day, so we took to the park for a hike.  A hike always demands my camera be in tow for photos to document the day.  I take my good camera...the Nikon... but I also take a few camera phone photos to document the day on FB.  Facebook memories are always fun to see, but given the last year which has not been momentous except for being pandemic momentous, I want to know in a year or  two or three what we were doing during the pandemic.  These are photos from Akron Falls Park.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Cold and snow finally!

Winter has been rather slow to begin round here but the last couple of weeks have been colder, with more snow.    The forecast is for it to get even colder brrrrrrr.     I’m not a fan of cold weather.... it’s too cold to walk outside very much.    But some days are really pretty and invite photo ops.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Quilt Guild Challenge Reveal

Every year my guild does a challenge.  The theme is revealed the year before and then after the reveal they are hung in the library for a month.  Obviously this year, because of Covid, that is all on hold.  Nonetheless, we had the reveal and the quilts will hang whenever the library gets the go head for exhibits. The theme this year was “red and white”.  My entry is called “The Falling Leaves”.  I quilted the background prior to the of the leaves.  There are various colored batiks, some netting and seed stitch denoting leaves    Two of the leaves are painted lutrador.  Veining is quilted in each leaf and then they are heated with a heat gun to make them curl and also some holes to be more realistic.   Red is not my favorite color and while I initially groaned at the challenge announcement,  I do like the finished product.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Where have I been???

It’s been a long time....a year....since I showed anything here. Why?   Pandemic, outdated blogger and couldn’t decide on a new one, Loss of interest, depression, boredom, angst at the political system..all of the above and more.  We did keep up our daily walks...masked and all.   We quite often walk around a large pond nearby.... 1.6 miles around once.   It’s always something new to see and I like nature.   But now it has gotten too only an occasional walk.  Ahh, the dregs of winter!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Challenge Quilts Revealed

Saturday our guild members revealed their challenge quilts for our current challenge - "Modern Solids".   We have 33 very different and varied interpretations of this theme.    The quilts will be on display at our local library in Batavia - the Richmond Library on Ross Street.    If you are in the area I would invite you to stop in and view all of them.    

The concept of modern was not hard for me - but solids are not my thing.   I like my batiks and hand dyes and surface design fabrics.   But, I persevered and came up with two.   The first one is based on a photo I had taken at Letchworth State Park of a balloon launch.    The quilt is on the left and the original photo is on the right.    My second piece is called "Modern Birches" - because - I love all things birch and often depict these trees in my quilts.  

Monday, January 13, 2020

Mixed up Seasons & Birds

Winter began here in early November and continued until the actual first day of winter in December.   We had record cold, lots of snow, cancelled activities and then Christmas dawned bright and clear and free of anything vaguely resembling "white"!  It is still that way 3 weeks later.   Little to no snow and Saturday it was 63 degrees.   The forecast is about to change......but for now, I have been capturing some bird photos.   My favorite photos are because I forgot to change the ISO and they were darker than they should have been.   However, the birds at the very center were nice and highlighted and made for some interesting pictures.

I have been quilting but I can't reveal those pictures here - yet!    This Saturday is our annual guild challenge reveal....then I can post photos.    The challenge this year was to use solid colors - no batik, no marbling, no gradation...everything I like to use.   It was truly a challenge for me!!!    Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Take a look - I'm on a new adventure.    If you live in the area of Rochester, NY, stop in and take a look.    Honored to be showing my photo hobby in my first juried show at Image City Gallery, 722 University Ave, Rochester, NY.

(Altered for posting)

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Back to the Wet Cyanotype!!!!

Hurrah for the return of sunnier and warmer weather.......and wet cyanotype printing.   I decided to try some delicate spring flowers this year:  Bleeding Heart, Lily of the Valley and Solomon's Seal.   This is a good time as it is a little cooler and the sun is not as high as mid summer,   A little cloud cover actually helps.   

Here you can see the progression of the bleeding heart from beginning time in the sun, to pre rinse to final print after rinsing. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Paducah Bound...Sacred Threads Bound

It’s been a good week and a happy week for me.     I’m always excited to have my quilts accepted not shows, but I am also very humbled.  There are many good artists and it’s all what appeals to any individual judging panel.

"Seasons of My Garden" is headed to the AQS Paducah show in April.  It features 29 of my wet cyanotype prints and was featured in "The Power of Women" exhibit last fall at Houston IQF.

 "Into The Woods I Lose My Mind and Find My Soul" is headed to  Sacred ThreadsShow in July near Washington DC.    This is a most wonderful show.   None of the quilts are judged, but they are juried in according to quality and their story.   The story is the most important show.   My piece speaks to the peace I find being in nature and in the woods.   I love to take walks and I love to photograph what I see.   It is a wonderful prescription for stress.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


My small fiber art group played with portrait ideas at our last meeting.   I’m still working on the one I started there, but here is a thread sketch done this morning of my granddaughter.   She had taken a selfie, so I took that and converted it to a sketch drawing.   I transferred the sketch to fabric and used black thread in two different weights.   This was just a fun practice.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

I have participated in the last two Sacred Threads Quilts Exhibits shows,   It is a wonderful show held every 2 years in Herndon, Virginia.   It is a juried but not judged show.   There are 6 categories and the quilts are juried in according to their story and of course the quality of the quilt depicting the story.   I invite you to visit their site for more information at  Sacred Threads.
As part of the show, there is an exhibit which is open to anyone who wants to contribute,   The most recent exhibit was postcards.   This year the exhibit is "eyes".   The quilt can be constructed any way.....the only requirement being it must be 5x23.    It was a challenge for sure.

This is my final piece.


I started with an actual photo of my eyes...

Then I posterized my photo in Photoshop.

After that I drew a pattern on vinyl to trace onto fusible web for the back of selected fabrics. 

Fabrics were placed under the vinyl for accurate placement.  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

It’s a New Year!

Every year I vow to do better on my blog....which should tell you how the last year ended.  I’m quilting.....a lot....but I can’t show any, or won’t show any, because they are all for challenges right now and we all prefer not to divulge ahead of time.   My guild challenge reveal is in two weeks and the theme is "Flora and Fauna".  I have two pieces for that,   My ArtCGirlz group is doing a "whisper" challenge.   This is based on the idea of the gossip game.   We will make a 9x12 piece which will be passed to the next person in our group,   They will make a 9x12 piece based on what they see, in the entire quilt or any one aspect of it.   This will rotate around the group with each person only seeing the one done before them....and no one sees their original piece until the end.   At the end we will reveal all 8 pieces to see how "gossip" changed the initial piece.   I can’t wait, it sounds like fun.

Meanwhile I’m still photographing and guess I should change my intro bio to this blog to include my new passion,   

A couple of photographs for you to enjoy,   These are both of the same lighted ornament that hung outside my house this year.   One has a snowy overlay and one shows bokeh.....the abstract lighting created by an out of focus background.   Enjoy!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Tis the Season!

I went to a Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square near Philadelphia, PA for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was record cold and we spent much of our time in the conservatory whic was amazingly decorated for the holiday!   But we also did some night time light tours.  Here are some of my favorites.  

In front of one of the beautifully decorated trees in the conservatory.  

This glass tree was so beautiful as was the big main tree in the conservatory.  

And some outsides views!