Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Honeoye Falls Show - Last Grouping

The final pictures from our RAFA (Rochester Area Fiber Artists) Show in Honeoye Falls.   I have names of artists for most of these, but not all the names of the works themselves.

 New Growth - Mary Wiser

 Sarah Terry

 Study in Neutrals - Pat Berardi

 I "think" possibly this felted vest is by Caris Burton

 These are some of the accessory scarves that we had for sale.

Sarah Terry

 I LOVED this table - seen here and in the photo below.   The quilt at the end of the table is by Sarah Terry also.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Quilt Show - Part II -

This is a continuation of the posting below - just breaking up some of the photos so you can enjoy a few "more" and not be overwhelmed.

 Leaf Print Series #1 - Evelyn Kitson   wonderful use of sheers and stitches

 Leaf Print Series #2 - Evelyn Kitson
 Jacket made by Caris Burton.   She does wonderful garmets.
 Margaret Reek's wonderful quilt - metallic threadwork.   I couldn't get a great picture, the quilt is much darker, and unfortunately I didn't get the actual title.   But I love it!
 Don't Go Out in the Woods Tonight - Priscilla Kibbee.   You really have to see this up close and personal to see all the wonderful cross-stitching in this piece (including the photos below).   Breathtaking!!

Pictures of the actual venue space!   I am SO disappointed my friends could not get to see the show and appreciate being in this wonderful space.  The room was so packed with people and food on Saturday, you could barely see the walls and you certainly couldn't get to the walls.   So.....these are the photos I have.   Hope you can enjoy them "vicariously"!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art Quilt Show in Honeoye Falls

I am part of the Rochester Area Fiber Artists quilt show in Honeoye Falls.  I took a group of friends to see the show today - but was hindered by a very large bridal shower going on in the room.   It boggles my mind as to why they thought having a 50+ person gathering with food (in hot chafing dishes) along the wall under the quilts was a good idea.   We could not even get to see the show - in a space for which we paid to display our work.   So, I am posting a few favorites over several posts - for my friends who didn't get to enjoy the show!

 Kathi Everett's Ice Crystals and my "Then....the Crocus"....displayed on the stone wall together.

 StephanieFerris  - Warm Whispers.

 Liz Scott - Spring Equinox - digitally printed onto fabric and machine quilted

Marcia Birken - Early Mountain Spring
The beading on this is outstanding!

Mary Louise Gerek - Teal Spring.   This quilt is also based on a poem written by a local poet from Rochester, NY.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Comfort Quilt for a dear friend!

A member of our ArtCGirlz group, and very dear friend of mine, is about to enter chemo treatments this week.  Our ArtCGirlz did a card shower for her one week - each of us (10 members) send a card a day for 5 days in late January.   Yesterday we presented her with a quilt our group made for her to use during her treatments.

Made from all batiks - her favorites are the color purple and butterflies.   (Yes, we often joke we are twins).  Each of us made a block - some made 2.   None of us knew what pattern or color block the others were making - yet look how balanced this quilt is.   One girl sewed them all together, another basted, I did the quilting and another put on the binding.   I quilted the name of each member into the block(s) they made.   I so enjoyed quilting this - I felt I definitely became a part of it and it a part of me.

This is a block I made that we didn't need, so it became the label.   I "googled" caring hands image and found this graphic.   One of the girls ,machine embroidered all of our names onto the label.  With caring hands - she will soar to new heights!    The love and energy in this group was so apparent yesterday - despite the sadness we all feel, it was a very positive day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

L'Autumno - A Winner Quilt

L'Autumno by Elaine Ross

This is the quilt I created for the "Nature Behind Bars" Challenge exhibit.   The quilts will hang at the Genesee Valley Quilt Show in June and then possibly become a traveling exhibit to major quilt shows.  In preparation, the quilts were judged by a professional judge and 4 prizes were award.   I am THRILLED to have won "Best Interpretation of Theme".

The quilt is based on a photo I took at Longwood Gardens in October of 2011.   I had the photo printed onto fabric by Julie Brandon -   I then printed part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons music - the autumn movement, aptly named "LAutumno" onto sheer organza and layered that over the very top of the quilt.

I love Longwood Gardens at any season of the year - one of my "favoritest" places to visit.   The quilt honors one of those seasons.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

All-County Chorus Concert with my Granddaughter

Yesterday (Saturday) I had the privilege of hearing my Granddaughter's All-County Chorus Concert.   This group is made up of the best from 13 schools in Livingston County.   I am always so thrilled to watch my grandchildren perform.   On Facebook, someone thanked their father and said he should be proud of what he started.   I immediately thought - hey, what about me - the music major - the one who supported their mother through all of HER musical activities.   Then I was reminded that I was supported by a mother who made sure I had a good musical education.   In reality, we can take credit for very few things our children/grandchildren do and become, for much has been started way before us.   We are just a part of the thread that goes through our family!!!!   So, I say with humbleness - well done Sammy Renee, I am so proud of you and proud to be a part of what makes you so wonderful today!
P.S. - she is the one who turned and posed (unbeknownst to her) at just the right time for me to take the picture!!!