Friday, February 25, 2011

Landscape Quilt

This is my latest landscape quilt - finally I think I'm"mostly" happy with it.   I had some issues with not enough shading and trying to get the water just right.   It is from a photo, the photo is manipulated to have 3 birds instead of just one, then printed on to printer fabric and worked into a larger quilt with commercial fabrics, tulle, metallic threads etc.   I just couldn't get the water around the birds to blend in with the commercial fabric I had chosen.   I finally fused small strips over parts of the printer fabric to blend in.     The first photo is the one I took in Maine, the second one is the manipulated photo to show the 3 birds that was printed onto printer fabric and the last photo is the finished (at the moment finished) landscape quilt.

This is the finished quilt!

Fabric Key Rings

It's not that I have been doing much - just nothing really noteworthy of posting.

Our guild is hosting the New York State Consortium of Quilters in June and we are making favors for each visitor.   We decided on these key rings - thanks to Kathi for the unique idea.   This is something totally different than what we usually get and each person who makes one will add their own twist, so they will all be different.   I love it!!!!   Here is my first one.....I don't have it totally embellished yet - and maybe I won't.   The colors are quite bright enough!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Art C Girlz had a Mosaic project night, led by Kathi.   I was home sick, so I didn't get to do it with everyone else.   So, I tried it on my own tonight.   OK, I'm a bit too "Type A" because I grew increasingly frustrated with trying to get my shapes to exactly line up - they wouldn't and didn't seem to be all the same size - supposedly 1" square.   Anyway - my attempts are shown below.

 This is my orignal fabric - a batik.

This is the new arrangement of all the fabric squares.   I left black showing between all the tiles for 2 reasons - to even out the squares and to make it look like stained glass.    I don't know if this is the intent of the project, but it is what I came up with.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Motion Heart

This is what I played around with this past weekend.   I love to free motion feathers (no I don't usually mark them) and I wanted something soft for Valentine's Day.   It is pink Sulky Rayon thread on white silk.   Obviously it still needs a binding, but I've been sick and not able to get to the store to buy more silk fabric.   Soon, though.....

Here is an overall picture and a closeup.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Postcards for RAFA

I seem to be lacking in a whole lot of productivity right now.   But, I did finish some postcards for RAFA for the Arts Council Show.  Members donate their postcards and the Arts Council sells them and retains the monies obtained for the cards.  Here is my small lot of cards that I finished....

 The whole grouping to the left.
On the right is one I started with
threadpainting.   I like it, but it
won't be finished in time to take
I like using the vareigated threads.
(I am a thread junkie as much as
a fabric collector).   
I like doing feathers - as to the left; on the right is playing around
with fancy stitches on my machine.

Just some fancy scrolls and
To the right - a Christmas fabric enhanced with gold metallic thread and crystals.