Friday, June 10, 2011

"Together" Art Quilt Show

I'm part of a 2 person art quilt show (with Sarah Terry) at GoArt (Arts Council) in Batavia, NY.   We hung our show today and it will be up until August 30, 2011.   A "Meet The Artists Reception" is planned for June 30, 2011 from 5-7 PM.   I designed the postcards which advertise our show - shown below!!

My wall:
Self Portrait - Part of me is "black & White; Part of me wants to be more colorful
1:45 AM - torn strips of orange & green fabric make up this flower.   This was created one early morning about 1:45
Which Came First"   The stone on the turquoise shape mimics the colors of the quilt.   Or, does the quilt mimic the stone?
Joint Walls - with Sarah's Mask quilt
Joint Wall - Sarah's "Trails";
my "Edge of the Gorge - Stony Brook"  - created from photo taken in Stony Brook
"Oliver's Stained Glass" - adaptation of the staiend glass window at Oliver's Candies in Batavia, NY

Joint Wall with Sarah
"Looking for the Sun in Western New York"
my quilt will tulle, beading etc.
my "Breaking Free"
my "Melted Chocolate" (guild challenge earlier this year)

"Feathered Heart" - totally free motion quilting without a pattern

Both of these works are done with silk fabrics
my "I Always Wanted a Grand Piano"
My "Seagulls in Portland, Maine" - adaptation of a photo taken at Bug Lighthouse shoreline

"Longwood Watergardens" - adaptation of photo taken by me at Longwood Gardens
 my "Beaded Tree" - painted and heavily beaded on silk fabrics

my "Black-Eyed Susans" - thread painting
Joint Wall with Sarah
same Joine Wall with Sarah
My favorite of Sarah's - this features a lot of "metals" - so shiny