Friday, September 28, 2012

Indian Summer Quilt Update

Updated pictures from the post below!

 I added some leaf buttons to further indicate swirling or falling leaves.  See closeup below!   I "think" I got these from my friend Priscilla.....I only had 5 of them - but I think that is OK!   I might have added one more if I had it..........but....this will do for now.

Indian Summer

I haven't been too prolific lately.........for whatever reasons.   This is a small quilt I made to use up some of the silks I had been collecting.   I am not sure it is totally done...but, the colors remind me of Indian summer and I did quilt some "falling leaves" throughout.   Simple, but appeals to my mantra - "It's All About the Color"!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The View From The Ship - Finished~

A few weeks ago (a few posts down) I posted that I had started the 3rd in a series of Bermuda Quilts - this called "The View From The Ship".   Today it is finished and ready to hang in the Museum Quilt Guild Quilt Show in October.   I am MORE than pleased with how this came out.   I feel like I'm there every time I look at it.

 This is the original photo taken in August 2011.

This is the recreation of the view - in fabric, fusible, tulle and thread!!!!