Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Circular Motion.....a quilt of circles and angles.

I saw the pattern for this quilt (Rythmic by Sew Karen-ly Created) and was so taken by its contrast of colors and use of circles and angles. I knew I wanted to make it, but mostly I wanted to make it to do the feather quilting.  It was a great learning experience.....far from perfect, but it's done!   Piecing circles was hard, joining all of them with multitude of seams was hard, but the hardest was the binding.   I am most proud of the quilting...totally free motion and unmarked!

This is center of the quilt, feather wreath

I learned to free motion quilt feathers upside down when needed so as not to bunch the quilt in the machine.   I think you would have a hard time determining which is which....right side up or upside down!

And, the center diamond shapes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2

And this is the progress tonight.....the south wall of windows is out and studs are going in.   I can't believe they world today, I don't think the temp ever got above freezing!   I wouldn't be out on the sunporch today anyway,

Monday, April 14, 2014


The sunroom is my favorite room in the house.  I love and crac the light...and it feels like we are right outside!    Its all cleaned out and ready to be renovated,   Day 1 brought in new insulation and new fan/light.  A slight repair is needed in ine corner, it stops because of course we have to have a return to winter.   So no windows can come out and be replaced until the precipitation stops. least it is underway!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amherst Quilt Show.

Yesterday I went to the Amherst guild quilt show near Buffalo.   It was a wonderful sunny day (which was long overdue) with a couple of good friends.   The day was easy and relaxing and a stop for ice cream topped it off just perfectly.

There were more than a few quilts that caught my eye....but here are a few!

Ina Randall is one of my favorites from that guild.....this is her take on the ever familiar beach scene so many of us do.   She uses some unusual items.

The modern quilt movement is big right now and they had several of them,   The big part of this movement is the use if negative space.   Some used it quite well, others.....not so much.

This "orchard" was my favorite:

Another favorite because of color was this one.

And a couple of others...just because I liked them.

I liked the use if circles for the tree in this one,

This is a wooden puzzle made by one of a member's husband,   It is an auction item and sure to go for big bucks!

Finally.....this was my favorite "do not touch the quilts" sign!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finished quilt for guild UFO challenge

In preparation for our quilt show thus year, my guild, Museum Quild Guild ( is hosting a UFO challenge.  We could sign up for 5 quilts. For each one we finish, we are eligible to enter a drawing for a prize.  This week I finished my first one.  

I had the center done for a long time but couldn't decide how to finish it.  The center uses some sun printed leaves.  I purchased the specially treated fabric from, laid leaves on the squares and left in the sun for 15 min.  The part not covered darkens and the leaf print occurs under the plant leaves. 

I could not decide the border but had seen an idea somewhere where the one border was apiqued leaves and the rest was pieced.  I used the technique called "piano keys" for the other 3 borders.  It is pretty heavily quilted!   I added some beads to highlight the leaf quilting on the appliqu├ęs border.