Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Save the Monarchs"

Finally finished!  

Mosaic piecing meets straight line quilting!  Or, maybe better known as a "match made in Hades"

I like the end result of this piece, but there was more than once that I wondered why I chose this technique.   I wanted to try and work larger than I usually do....that was challenge #1. I didn't want it totally box-like, so chose the odd placement of mosaics.   I wanted to do straight line quilting and ended up having to mark much of it with painters tape to get the look I wanted.

This was my first foray with the new Steam a Seam Lite 2.   In order to do this I needed for it to be repositionable.   I thought it was finally the product I liked so much before (they claim it is) until I went to sew it.  It is horribly sticky,  I'm not even sure what I will do with what I have left now.

The coneflower is heavily beaded....by hand....and the fusible was just horrible to go through.  But.....I persevered and I do like the effect.

Some of the pattern shows through the lighter fabrics...but I kind of like the shadowy look it gives.

The coneflower petals were stitched so as to give texture as seen in real flowers.

Finally, I finished off the odd placement of mosaic tiles with some more beading,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Working in mosaics....

Finally a new quilt in progress......

Working with mosaics - here is a portion