Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brookgreen Gardens - Sculptures

While in Myrtle Beach, we visited the Brookgreen Gardens - known as a sculpture garden, but also had wonderful flowers and flowering trees and a butterfly exhibit.   Here are some of the sculptures!

 My husband, sharing the newspaper with a figurine as we entered the park.

 I loved this one - called "Motherhood".
 I also thought this was a neat one - of a girl retrieving something from the pool.
 The local pipe player!
Always a fun scultpture, seen in many gardens!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Myrtle Beach - Spanish Moss Covered Trees

I spent the week in Myrtle Beach last week.   While there we toured Brookgreen Gardens near Pawley's Island.   It is mainly a sculpture garden, but the azaleas and dogwoods were a beautiful combination.   What I was relaly fascinated by was the spanish moss that hung from all the trees.

 I especially love the reflective qualities in this one.   Hmmm, idea for the future????

 Yes, all that white is spanish moss!   Just amazing!

 Then there were the Iris by the water.   This reminds me of a round robin I worked on a bit ago.  

More to come later!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

6 x 6 mini quilt for ROCO fundraiser

This is actually a repost of a mini quilt from the other day.   I just have a better picture of it.

I made this for the 6 x 6 2013 fundraiser for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.   You can see more information at  Last year they collected over 4000 entries from all around the world.   They do post them online at some point and it is fun to watch (hopefully) the "sold" sticker appear next to your name.

My quilt was done in the Ann Brauer technique of using small 1/4 inch strips.   There is yarn and beading across the middle (the horizon of the water) and larger beads on the bottom (the beach).   Hence it is called "On the Beach".

Whether it sells or not - it was fun trying this technique.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Orchids, photo ops and possible new quilt ideas

I'm behind in a new posting, due to a death in my "extended family" and planning for vacation.    So, I am going to quickly share a few of the favorite orchid photos I took at the orchid show last Saturday in Rochester.     Some of the colors were just outstanding and I took WAY MORE photos than I needed to, but I am still learning my new camera.   Unfortunately, I don't have names for all of them.   But enjoy the colors!

   I have completed another 6 x 6 for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center fundraiser.   Each work is to be 6 inches by 6 inches.   Artists form all over the world donate.   Patrons can purchase for $20 each.   It's always fun to watch the "sold" sign go up on a piece you submit.   Since I have been working in the Ann Brauer technique, I did a small piece with the 1/4 inch strips.   There is a line of beads and yarn across the center, and 3 larger beads across the bottom.   I have called it "At the Beach".

I have learned:

1.  The best laid plans often have to be adjusted and sometimes you just have to make a choice and do what you feel is best, given the circumstances.   Cut your losses and let peace of mind rule over financial considerations.
2.   Travel insurance isn't guaranteed..unless you can meet requirement A-Z.   I will think twice about that next time.
3.iPhone takes getting used to - even if you own an ipad which is supposed to be exactly the same.

I am grateful for a husband who spoiled me on Saturday with a trip to the orchid show, the phone store and Olive Garden!   It was a GREAT day!.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ann Brauer Technique

In our ArtCGirlz group, one of our members has been experimenting with the 1/4 inch strip technique of Ann Brauer.   She decided to teach us how to do it at our meeting in March.   We were supposed to do it in "taupes" with an accent strip.   As you can probably tell - I guess I don't "get" taupe.   But, I do like color and so did a little more with the turquoise accent.   I wanted to try the celtic quilting tip of Diane Gaudynski so did that on a background quilt of "what else?" but purple.   Then I layered the smaller quilt on top.   I like the contrast of circles and stripes.

 This is the finished quilt.

 The smaller piece - completed 1/4 inch strips.

 Examples of background quilting

A row of beads across the purple stripes for accent.   Not sure if it really needs it or not, but also....doesn't hurt I don't think.   I am currently enthralled with the possibilities for this and am looking to try it again....maybe a little larger quilt.