Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mirror Montage

'Some day I may even get back to quilting.....but I am having too much fun with the Ricky Tims Photography Class and this week was the best yet.    The assignment was "Mirror Montage".    I practiced on a couple of older photos which I loved, but we are not supposed to use old photos. 
 This was the original photo of a birch tree in the neighborhood.
Mirror Montage turned it into a voodoo type mask.  

Then I did this lotus flower from Longwood Gardens that I took last summer.

I like how this looks like a flower in a glass bowl.

Then I went to town around the yard and house....and some along a nearby canal. 
 This was a single lilac blossom - now a butterfly or ninja warrior.   This is the one I submitted.

This next one was my second favorite....actually my favorite but some blurriness in the blossoms means either I moved, or the tree did.  

Budding Redbud Tree at the "Golden Hour"

 The base trunk of a Dogwood Tree

 My dried Sunflower and Bamboo Sticks
 A Windchime on the front porch.

Solomon's Seal plant next to the fence. 

 This is the same birch tree - a few months later - no voodoo mask

 The Bridge over the canal.

Some rust under the bridge.