Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dots, dots and more dots!

A friend of mine and I purchased a jelly roll of dots fabric.  I brought mine on vacation along with a simple pattern,   I had no real plan as to why I as making this, I just liked the I bought a simple pattern and just made it something to work on if I felt like sewing.   I have no idea what will become of it once it is finished.   It would make a nice child's quilt...or maybe community service.....who knows!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quilt show viewing.... On vacation.

Because I am away from home, and missing my regular guild meeting, I decided to take in a local quilt show near Ocala, Florida.   It was a nice show with some vendors, a lovely boutique and about 140 quilts of all kinds.   Being mostly an art quilter, I look for them and didn't see too many, but here are a few that did catch my eye.

Because I love circles and arcs, a quilt like this would always catch my eye.   Love the variations in color!

This quilt as done with a special ruler and only one fabric.  Not a typical gradation, this fabric did go from light on one edge, to dark on the other, with a pattern somewhere between.

Loved the dimension on this quilt with the added 3d hydrangea petals.  The birds eye appliqu├ęd, so they could be stuffed,   Very effective.

This was a Bargello quilt.....just spectacular.

I don't do crazy quilts, but this was probably one of the highlights of the show.

These were a couple of cute quilts.   One is a beach scene with 3 d shirts hanging on a clothes line, the other just a cute Halloween quilt.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXV show bound.........

Two of my quilts have been juried into this show later this month, and accepted for judging.  "Autumn Candles" and "Where Words Fail...Music Speaks".  

Where Words Fail...Music Speaks is very close to my heart,   It depicts the power of music in our lives when all else fails.  I had a hard time finishing this one....nothing seemed to go right on it and I discarded it more than once.   In the end, I finished it and sent the photo off to a friend.   It happened to appear on the screen if his laptop while visiting his mother.....and Alzheimer's patient who had not spoke anything in weeks.   A former quilter and musician, she spoke her first words and picked out different symbols and techniques she knew about.  

Autumn Candles depicts "nature", one of my favorite subjects.   I love birch trees and this is just how the mountains look in the fall,   It was recently on display at the Old Forge show...."Quilts Unlimited"

Unfortunately, I am already on a planned vacation during this show, Feb. 27-March 2 and probably will not get to see the show.   I have always wanted to see this show, and entered these quite awhile ago when the theme was announced, before our plans were finalized.  No matter what.....I am beyond ecstatic!!!!