Monday, May 26, 2014

Gardens, gardens and more gardens,

have completed one quilty item, but it is a challenge and can't be shown yet.....but soon.   I have been working everyday in the gardens!   I needed it...I love my gardens and I was spring starved since getting home in March for Florida,   It makes me happy to work outside and make our property "landscape lovely".    Here are a few of my favorite new things the past few days,

I'm trying a living wall.   Not completely confident yet that it will hold up, but we shall see in time.

This is my most favoritest new planter.   I love this lady and the plant is perfect for "hair..

My husband picked out this heart shaped planter.   The lantana fills it right may need to be thinned out later.

These plants were all over in Florida.   I think they are a "Ti" or something like that.   I brought one home.

2 more things from the zen garden.   Buddha playing his lute and a planter that looks like it tipped over!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another UFO quilt off to the quilter!

As part of our guild UFO challenge, another one is finished and off to the quilter.   This is one of Anita Grossman Solomon's patterns...I believe called the Old Italian or Old Italian Tile...I forget exactly.   I started piecing it her method from her book and them a guild member showed me an easier and more efficient way to cut and piece.....hence, not all the blocks matched up exactly whe piecing rows,   I squared exactly, was very proud of my exact squaring.....but still some mismatches,   But.,,,as they say,,,,for a a galloping horse it probably doesn't show,   This will most likely be a recliner favorite colors, of course!