Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creating Again.....and it feels so good!

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that I am in a new house....filled with boxes to unpack and treasures I can't find!   I have been missing the creative bug and the quilting,.   I really wanted a quilt to enter in the RAFA Arts Council show this year and thought I had a whole lot of time to do it.   Well, moving intervened, no quilt had been started and I about gave it up as a lost cause again this year.   But I kept thinking of this idea I had and the fabric I bought for it.  So, I decided if I could make good headway on it this weekend, I would fill out the required paperwork that is due this coming Thursday.....and I would still have a month to finish the quilt before it had to be handed in.   So, I dug out my fabric, my photo that was my inspiration and I have to say it has just moved right along.   Quite often I find that a quilt that is really inspired, just needs to be started and it practially makes itself.

So - here is a teaser.   These are the free motion threadwork embroidery leaves that I will use on my background!  Each leaf has at least 5 different thread colors.   I loved doing these and they came together so easily, it is almost scary!!!    I think I can do it........I'm filling out the paperwork tonight!    This is all you get right now.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Have Been Busy!

I know, I know.....I've been very remiss in posting - but I have an excuse - we just moved.   It has been full of joys and sorrows - leaving the house we lived in for 33 years and raised our family in and the house I tried to make a beautiful home from what was a basic house that we could just afford at the time.   But the neighborhood changed and we changed and it was time to change houses.   It hasn't been easy and there are times "I still want to go home", but it is getting there - little by little.   It has been tiring and exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally - but hopefully we'll soon be able to "live" in our house and not feel like we're still setting it up all the time.
Here are a few pics:

 Front Yard of our former home.   This was one of the hardest parts to leave - my total front yard garden.
On the deck in our former home.
Another view of the front yard
Our new home!  Front yard view!    What is it about us and a blue house????
The living room this morning................ we like the hardwood floors, but needed some fabrics to absorb the sounds!   (You'd think that would be no problem in a quilter's home, right?)
The living room tonight!   I just love the big bold graphic on the rug.   My husband picked this out all by himself.   I think "he done good"!!!!!

Another view of the living room - showing the piano placement in front of the big picture window.