Friday, July 29, 2011

Ice Dying

I don't really dye fabric much, or have much interest in it.   But after trying snow dyeing a year ago, I was intrigued to try "Ice Dyeing" as described in the latest Quilting Arts magazine.   In a nutshell, you cover your prepared fabric with ice, sprinkle procion dye powder on it and let it sit for 24 hours.   I liked it wet, but the colors fade out so much when dry.   Still, this is an interesting effect I got by folding the fabric in half, diagonally, and then doing accordian pleats and securing with rubber bands.

I used 2 different colors of teal, yellow and brown rose.   There is a smidgeon of purple and a little green.   I only wish it were more intense colors.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

QA Fun Day at Val's

Today was the QA Study Group Day.   Since some of our members were at Quilting By the Lake - the rest of us went to Val's house (BEAUTIFUL house on Honeoye Lake) and played in the air conditioned comfort of her studio.   (I LUST after a studio like that).   Anyway, we did encaustic work with beeswax.   I wasn't going to go, (but Margaret invited me to ride) - or play,( but Julie coerced me) and I'm so glad they did.   Most of us spread melted beeswax on collages we made with pictures, fibers, papers etc.   Donna did beeswax on everything from an old sewing pattern to cheesecloth.   She got fantastic results.   Julie had large playing cards and so she and I made collages on these.

This is my first attempt!   I just went for bright colors - the beeswax puts sort of a plastic coating over everything.   Around the edges is melted yellow crayon for a semi-border effect.    The gold blobs here and there are fibrous papers. The beeswax is a little heavy in spots, so maybe it could be scraped off if I wanted to play more.   It's a very tropical picture.

My second attempt - looking forward to our next cruise.  The upper 1/3 is more fibrous papers.  The purple on the starfish and the blobs of green along the side are more melted crayon.    We drew on the bottom of a small iron with crayon, it melted immediately and then we ironed it onto the picture.   Sometimes it melted some beeswax already there - sometimes not.

What will I do with these?    No clue - they were "playtime".   But for now, I'm hanging them in my studio because I like the colors and the thoughts they project of island time!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

RAFA Display at Cazenovia Show

Our RAFA group has a small display at the International show "The Art Quilt Experience" in Cazenovia this month.   The juried quilts are spectacular (and I will show some more of them at a later time), but our little RAFA group also has a spectacular display.   I didn't get pictures of all - but here are some.........   (Sorry I can't seem to get the hang of putting 2 pics in a row.   Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.   Blogger is so frustrating that way.)

 Pat Berardi's piece.   I just love Pat's work, lots of gentle curves.
Janet Root - "Trill"

Janet Root - "Soft Black"

Diane Miller - a real coppery effect
that I just love.
 Diane Miller
 Val Schultz - another person whose
work I really admire. 
 Val uses a lot of cheesecloth from time to time - a really nice effect.
 Julia Deal - so simply stunning
Julie Brandon - "Saxology"
This is mine - called  "Summers Reward for a Winter Endured II".   It is to portray the wildflowers - lots of beads and crystals on this one.
 Liz Scott - "The Eleventh Song"
Patty Pizzicato did both of these - love it!
I wish I had gotten the name of the person who did this one - so wonderful.
Anne Fischer - lots of thread work - the piece speaks for itself in its beauty.
Detail of Ann's piece.
Donna Patrick - does a lot of dying & felting of scarves and shawls

The knotted piece is by Brenda DiAngelo.
This was not a quilt in our display............yet!   This was a window shade in an adjoining room - my husband thinks this should be my next quilt.   He is often my inspiration for new pieces.

Textured Book Page

Our ArtCGirlz group has been involved in a project where we are each making a small piece that will eventually become  a page in a book we are creating.   We decided to take a picture - either one we took or from a magazine, crop a small portion and make that into a small quilt.   The challenge was to interpret it in "texture".

This is my finished piece:

The finished pieces are attached to upholstery samples which conveniently have all these grommets for assembling the page.   I used cottons, corduroys, silks, sheers, upholstery fabrics, beads and metallic stitching.
This is a picture of a light on the ceiling in the karaoke room on our cruise ship last fall.
This is the one portion of the light that I decided to use and shrunk down even further.
This is the final picture, that I used to interpret my piece shown above.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lori

This is a card I made for Lori..........she likes butterflies "almost" as much as I do!   The ArtCGirlz celebrated with her at her cottage.

The butterfly is threadpainted and attached to a background of similar colors.   I used at least 11 (possibly more) different threads - varying colors, thickness and one metallic.    I really do enjoy this when I get going on it.

This is just to show you how I sign most of my quilts.   I used the treble clef sign because I am first and foremost a musician (having been a piano major in college) and then I add my initials.   Sometimes I stick a butterfly on the end - but it seemed redundant here.