Monday, July 28, 2014

Trip to Letchworth Park

Saturday we took a trip to Letchworth Park.   This is a photo of the footbridge at the Lower Falls.   We were quite a distance away...... Thank you zoom lens!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daylilies in profusion

My daylilies are performing quite well right now,   It's a constant struggle to keep the deer from eating the blossoms,   They don't bother the leaves, but do like the flowers.   I find it very interesting that a flower so beautiful blooms for just a day.   It's a good thing there are lots of buds this year!

Here are the ones blooming right now,   I have a couple more that will come a bit later.  It's hard to pick a favorite....the first one has such exquisite coloring, the second one is so delicate with its stripe of pink in the middle of a pale yellow, the third one is a nice deep color....but oh that last have to know the purple one is my "WOW",

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Artcgirlz art project

Last night at our meeting we played with sharpies on ceramic plates.  The deal is we each started a drawing. After 5 min we passed to the next person for them to add to we started.  In all 7 people added their art to each plate.  It was fun to see how they changed when the circle was complete and to figure our who added what element!  

It was a very meditative exercise.... Some doing zentangles, some doing quilting patterns and some just drawing!

The first one is mine.... Lots of purple, no surprise there!  

This is Lori's

This is Mary Lee's

This is Martha's.... She is our zentangle queen

This is Mary Ellen's... She started very pictorial

This is akatji's.. She started patriotic

This belongs to Beth....