Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Corner of the Sky

One of my guilds is having their quilt show the first week of June.   There was a challenge to depict "My Corner of the Universe".   Since I really like being outside and I really am most inspired by nature in my quilts - I decided to depict that part of my universe - walking in a park or forest.   The title is chosen because of one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite musicals - "Corner of the Sky" from "Pippin".  

Love doing birch trees.   I used lots and lots and lots more circles - supposedly a simple of the universe!   I like the effect, but it did grow tedious quilting each one.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mandala Quilt on its way to Washington, DC

I was thrilled today to learn that my mandala quilt, "Where Words Fail...Music Speaks" has been accepted into the Sacred Threads Quilt Show to be held in Washington in July.   You can read more about this exhibit here!

This was originally created for my ArtCGirlz group Mandala challenge.  I knew I wanted a music theme and started with a piece of rust dyed fabric and grew from there.  The word "Peace" has been stencil painted and there are quilted music symbols and lots of beading surrounding the rust dyed circle.  The actual title and inking was what the quilt said it wanted to say in the end.   It has taken on a whole meaning of its own when it was sent to a friend who used it to help his mother who suffered from severe Alzheimer's.   She was a musician and quilter who had not spoken in weeks.   When she saw the photo she said  "What's  that" and immediately started to identify different music and quilting symbols.   Thus the quilt was entered into the category "Healing"!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Playing with a new app

My frind turned me onto this watercolor app that you can apply to photos you have on your iPad,   I have had great fun with this and see lots of possibilities.   Here is an example.....of a photo I took out the back window last November after our big snow and ice storm.


It is a view from our sunroom taken through a screen. are some of the changes after using the filter!   I do have a favorite and see great possibilities,   Which is your favorite?