Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aaron is an Artist

This is my Grandson's painting - 10 years old   - 5th grade.    I think he's an artist!   Don't you agree!!!!!    Perhaps this will find its way into a quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read a great book - Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.   I don't totally practice Feng Shui, but find it interesting.   But this book is really more about getting rid of clutter - things that take up space in your house, your mind, your emotions.   It tells us why we collect things, why we hate to throw them away, what it means to throw them away and how physical clutter affects all parts of your life.   I've thrown away or repurposed a lot...but the hard part now is keeping it that way.   No matter how many times I clean my computer desk - it is always messy it seems.   It's a "hot spot" in my house for sure!    Great Book - and I highly recommend it!!!!

Painting Day

Today was painting day in our small RAFA group.   We started with gelatin prints from last month or any fabric that we had quilted with a design to play with today.   It was "paintstick" day today.    I started with a round circle of green - coppery mess.   It didn't look like anything but the color of fall leaves.   So I used Sulky 12 wt. thread and quilted leaves all through the design.   After highlighting a few of the leaves, this is what it looked like!

I still wasn't very happy with it, so I decided to use some blue on the background to see if it would make the leaves pop!

Ah............much better.    I call it leaves swirling on the pond - but I don't think it is done yet!

One month later................

Oh my gosh - it has been a month since posting....the title being "Will It Ever Be Spring"   One Month later and it IS spring!!!!    Here's the proof!!!

I love the first sights of spring - the purples, the yellows, the whites!!!!!    It's a balmy 62 degrees here right now.   The other sight of spring that I love is seeing everyone outside walking - and all your neighbors that you've forgotten what they looked like.

Walking is peaceful, calming and relaxing.