Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quilt Shows

I went to 2 quilt shows this past weekend.   The first one was Lake to Lake Guild in Rushville.   My favorite quilt was done my Val Schultz, a fellow RAFA member.  

This was the scene she created using her own hand-dyes and just one commercial fabric.   The second picture shows the detail  - cheese cloth in the bottom corner - also dyed.

The last was just a happy "flower quilt".   I love the flower pots around the edge - but neglected to get the name of the quiltmaker.

The next show was in Amherst.   In was a much larger show - almost 300 hundred quilts and of course lots of vendors.   Two of my favorite quilts there were made by the same quiltmaker - Ina Randall.  

One is a "sea" scene and I love all the extra embellishments and bling that she put on the quilt.   It really makes it and gives me ideas on how to finish my fish quilt.

The second was of an owl.   The threadpainted owl was fascinating enough, but then she did an upside down shadow of an owl using tulle.   Just love it!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May Tulips

"The earth laughs in flowers. "-- e.e. cummings

I call this posting "May" Tulips because many of the tulips blooming now would not normally do so until sometime in May - not in April.   I'm sure the earth is laughing with flowers because we often think that spring will never come in this part of the country!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving Spring!

Just a couple (or so) pictures that I took today - I 'll try to post more tomorrow.   Not that anyone reads these I'm sure, but the spring flowers are so perfectly gorgeous right now!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The weather has been so wonderfully warm and beautiful in the past week or so.   Today is rainy, but they tell me we need the rain.   I, myself, need the sun and warmth and have really enjoyed being able to be outside working in the garden, on the lawns and taking long walks.   The daffodils are from my front yard gardens.   They are springing all over the place, with the tulips giving them a run for their money.

I made a pulpit banner for my husband's church for Easter.   The flower in the bottom right corner is actually printed from one of the daffodils seen above.   There is some threadwork added and, of course, some beads.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

RAFA 6 x 6

These are 2 of the pieces that I created for the RAFA (Rochester Area Fiber Artists) donations to the ROCO (Rochester Contermporary Art Center) 6 x 6 display and sale.   Each piece donated to the display or exhibit will sell for $20.   The display will be up in May and bidders may buy at that time.

The piece on the left is called "Blank Slate".   It was inspired by some fabric beads I made in a small group, but as you can see, the fabric beads never made it on the quilt.   The base is 2 fabrics, woven together and there is one bead in the green that says   "Create".   The blank slate is to allow you to dream of how you might create from this point.

The piece on the right is called "SpringTime".   The background is silk habotai which is painted with dyna-flo paints
and spritzed with water to allow them to run together.   The tree has some thread painting as do the grasses.  
The pink beads represent the flowering of the tree in springtime.

After finishing the tree in the above post, I had some painted silk left over so I decided to try stenciling butterflies.   I really love them.   It was a little more intricate than I should have done for the first attempt, but fun anyway.   Now, how to finish them?    Yes, that is a black blob of paint that I accidentally smeared on the background.   Now to give it some artistic definition so it looks like it should be there.