Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grandchildren Week!!!!!

My granddaughter and her Mommy were here for a week from Kansas.   Our house has not had this much energy and chatter......ever!    She is a very happy 19 month old and she endured lots of running and showing off and visiting.    My favorite thing was when she would look at me and if I wasn't looking she would get my attention, give me a kiss and then put her arms right around my neck real tight.    I could take that ALL day long.   I probably have 300 pictures, if I have one.    (well, close anyway).   I could post here and it would take you hours to get through.

For now, our photography assignment this week is "Dreamscape".    Melding 2 pictures together to get a dreamy effect - one image sharp and one image blurred.    Right now, I'm choosing between 3 of them - all of my granddaughter of course.

 This is the original photo - taken on my iPhone actually.    Ricky Tims says the best camera is the one you have with you - and that was it that day.    She picked the dandelion for her mother!

 This is dreamy #1, two color photos blended together - one sharp, one blury!

 This one I did something different and made one photo black and white and then blurred the color photo and melded together.   I like the "sort of sepia" look to this -yet a hint of color!

This one was taken when she was on our bed - on my quilt.   Two color photos, one sharp, one blurry!    I picture that this is how her dreamland looks as she is nodding off!

And, one just for fun!    She loved to pretend she was singing and she knew we laughed so she did it everytime the music was on.   Here she was holding my phone which was playing "Sofia" (her favorite) and she laid it on the piano keys, banging away and sitting there with her mouth wide open!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

6x6 Fundraiser Projects

One of our local galleries, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, has a fundraiser every year known as the 6x6 project.    You may submit any form of art as long as it measures 6 inches by 6 inches,   Thousands of works from all over the world are hung for viewing in the gallery and online purchase.   The purchase price for any work is $20 and as I said, this is a fundraiser.

I have been supporting this project for at least 5 years.   Usually, I make a couple entries, this year I did 3.

The top two pieces are actually from a guild challenge quilt which I cut up to make several smaller things. I almost like it better this way,   The embellishments on those are crystals....signifying rain drops or dew drops.

The bottom piece is a tree made of yarn which is hand sewn,   The flowers are all little French knots,   The birds's nest is made of yarn and threads and the robin's egg is a bead.  It is all done on white pintuck cotton for the background,   I don't do much handwork, but found this quite satisfying to complete.  I'm actually working on a larger one now.

Here is the link to view all the information and later you can view the thousands of artworks.   My fiber arts group is a big contributor to this.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Composite fun again.

Yes, I am still quilting, but having a lot of fun in my camera class!

This week's assignment was composite montage.   This is two photos...a photo of my white Easter Lily and a separate photo of my textured wall paper in the kitchen.     Layered together.....I have new wallpaper, or maybe a towel or curtain.