Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quilt Shows

I went to 2 quilt shows this past weekend.   The first one was Lake to Lake Guild in Rushville.   My favorite quilt was done my Val Schultz, a fellow RAFA member.  

This was the scene she created using her own hand-dyes and just one commercial fabric.   The second picture shows the detail  - cheese cloth in the bottom corner - also dyed.

The last was just a happy "flower quilt".   I love the flower pots around the edge - but neglected to get the name of the quiltmaker.

The next show was in Amherst.   In was a much larger show - almost 300 hundred quilts and of course lots of vendors.   Two of my favorite quilts there were made by the same quiltmaker - Ina Randall.  

One is a "sea" scene and I love all the extra embellishments and bling that she put on the quilt.   It really makes it and gives me ideas on how to finish my fish quilt.

The second was of an owl.   The threadpainted owl was fascinating enough, but then she did an upside down shadow of an owl using tulle.   Just love it!!!

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