Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creating Again.....and it feels so good!

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that I am in a new house....filled with boxes to unpack and treasures I can't find!   I have been missing the creative bug and the quilting,.   I really wanted a quilt to enter in the RAFA Arts Council show this year and thought I had a whole lot of time to do it.   Well, moving intervened, no quilt had been started and I about gave it up as a lost cause again this year.   But I kept thinking of this idea I had and the fabric I bought for it.  So, I decided if I could make good headway on it this weekend, I would fill out the required paperwork that is due this coming Thursday.....and I would still have a month to finish the quilt before it had to be handed in.   So, I dug out my fabric, my photo that was my inspiration and I have to say it has just moved right along.   Quite often I find that a quilt that is really inspired, just needs to be started and it practially makes itself.

So - here is a teaser.   These are the free motion threadwork embroidery leaves that I will use on my background!  Each leaf has at least 5 different thread colors.   I loved doing these and they came together so easily, it is almost scary!!!    I think I can do it........I'm filling out the paperwork tonight!    This is all you get right now.

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