Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking For The sun in WNY

This has been the working title for a quilt I started recently.   It may just end up being it's official name.  Today (sadly) seemed like the perfect day to work on it some more.
This is the quilt top as it is now.

The background is constructed ala Ricky Tims Convergence pattern.  There are 2 different (believe it or not) blue fabrics put together in the convergence technique and then I added the yellow on the diagonal.

The sun in the corner....we all know it just HAS to be out there somewhere.   Still not sure about the circle piece.   It is not permanently fused yet.   I have a nice yellow circular styled bead that will go either on the circle or in place of the circle.

We all know what this is...........the snow!   It is a patterned tulle which I think does exactly what I wanted.  It is very subtle and I plan to add white/blue/crystal beads.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool piece! I love the convergence thing, but it's the addition of the rays of yellow and the snow white tulle that really tell a story!