Sunday, July 17, 2011

Textured Book Page

Our ArtCGirlz group has been involved in a project where we are each making a small piece that will eventually become  a page in a book we are creating.   We decided to take a picture - either one we took or from a magazine, crop a small portion and make that into a small quilt.   The challenge was to interpret it in "texture".

This is my finished piece:

The finished pieces are attached to upholstery samples which conveniently have all these grommets for assembling the page.   I used cottons, corduroys, silks, sheers, upholstery fabrics, beads and metallic stitching.
This is a picture of a light on the ceiling in the karaoke room on our cruise ship last fall.
This is the one portion of the light that I decided to use and shrunk down even further.
This is the final picture, that I used to interpret my piece shown above.

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