Monday, July 16, 2012

Ricky Tims Seminar in Rochester with Alex Anderson & Libby Lehman

What a fun weekend we had!   The Ricky Tims seminar came to Rochester.   Along with Ricky was Alex Anderson & Libby Lehman.   It was great fun, full of lots of quilting information, laughs, jokes and cammaraderie with friends.
Here are some of my "partners in crime"
L-R - me, Mary Ellen, Shirley, Mary Ellen, Charlotte, Eileen & Lori

And my partners in crime at lunch time.   This was the coolest spot we could find for our picnic.   Then we headed to Abbotts for ice cream.

Lori pictured with Ricky & Libby

Lori chatting it up with Alex.   They seem to have this "daughter thing" in common.
And of course there was shopping - everybody wanted a hand dyed fabric

Yes, yes, I do own this piece now.   Beth seems to be giving her approval, and with her knowledge of dyed fabrics, how could I go wrong?

Well, naturally I have to find thread to go with it.

One of my favorites - all raw edges give such great texture - each little color spot is a separate piece of raw edged fabric.   I love everything about this.   This is in Ricky's private collection of purchased quilts.

Libby's ribbon quilt - just love the way the ribbons weave in and out of the pattern.

Libby's circle quilt.   I have to try this technique.

Ricky is a classicaly trained pianist and musician.   That was his first love and his first vocation.   He treated us to a concert on Friday night, complete with slides and stories of his journey in music and quilting.   It was positively awesome and inspiring.  One of my best recent musical experiences.   Here he is playing the pan flute with images of his home state, Colorado in the background. 

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  1. I'd be wanti g to try that circle thing, too! Looks like it was a great time!