Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Flowers + perfect weather = no quilting!

This has been the most perfect weather - warm, sunny days, blue skies, cool nights, everything is starting to come up green!   The spring flowers are everywhere.   We are in for a change of weather, but this weather has made me SO happy!!!!  I sleep well every night because I work so hard in the gardens all day (I'm afraid to come in and sit down because I know this can't last and there is much to do)!

 The hostas grow a couple of inches every day.   The ones in the pots and box are going to the garden club auction next week.
 My new bleeding heart bush - I wanted one to replace the dead azalea at the corner of the sunporch.   I can see this every morning from the kitchen window.
 Last year's bleeding heart bush - doing well. (I thought it was a goner last year)
 We have lots of lilacs this year - the first time in our 3 years in this house.
 Euphorbia bush.   I happened upon this at Garden Factory and I just love it - all the different colors!

 The dogwood is in bloom - again, the first time in the 3 years we've been here.   (I guess the 3rd time is a charm!!!!)
I can't have spring flowers (other than daffodils) because the wildlife like them too much.   So I planted in pots.   They didn't look like much when I dragged them out of the garage a month ago, but they have been putting on a real show this past week.

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  1. Your post this week and mine are almost twins! :-)