Thursday, July 25, 2013

More flowers.....

The first is flowers in a is nothing fancy, just a panel I found I had forgotten I owned.   I wanted to try a different way of quilting feathers.   I don't mark my quilting feathers.....I just free motion quilt them.   I may add some beading. I had a border on it which I ended up hating, so chopped it off and added a binding.   It would look nice in a frame, or as is.  I will probably donate this to my guilds silent auction.

More flowers are starting to arrive everyday.
My lovely butterfly bush near the front door is just starting to put out its flowers.

Not the best photo yet....but the very first hibiscus bloom.   These things are HUGE!


  1. I am positive that the Silent Auction team would love to have that awesome quilt on the docket!

  2. Your quilt is fabulous! What an awesome gift for your guild. You are amazing and generous!