Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I won, I won!!

I follow a lot of blogs.... It is a good way to connect with other artists and see what new things people are doing.   One of my favorites is Connections by Karen Musgrave.   I have thought for awhile now thwt we share many common thoughts, feelings and ideas....   This week many have been a part of a "blog hop".   You can see all new kinds of things and people and register for their giveaways.    Karen isn't new to me but I registered for her giveaway because I like her stuff, and......I like to win.   And so, I won, I won.   It is a journal with a butterfly on the cover and anyone who knows me, knows I love butterflies and what they mean.    There is a photo on her blog, but I will wait to post a pic when I receive my prize.    (The picture above is NOT the journal....just a butterfly photo that I like)

Saturday I went to see the RAFA show in Clifton Springs,   It is awesome and I don't just say that because I'm a part of it.....it showcases everyone's work to a really high level.

While there, my husband fell in love with a Beautiful wood table crafted by a local artist.   We now enjoy this table in our living room.    A wonderful day!

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