Thursday, March 6, 2014

More inspiration......more quilts than I will do....

We took a trip to beautiful Rainbow Springs!   This is another long time attraction and park falling on hard times and being run into the ground because of the mega parks like Disney!  I have seen several parks on this trip and find it very sad that natural beauty is being tossed aside for some "man made, money grubbing" mega park.     Many of my photos are closeups designed to be inspiration for future art quilts.   So you might say I could find this anywhere.   However, I believe when you allow yourself to be surrounded and taken in by the beauty of a place, you notice things you might never see on a casual walk by,,,,say....a tree stump, or some dead and drooping palm leaves. 

First some overall shots down the springs, into the water....the most beautiful clear blue water I have seen since Bermuda!

Closeup of the dead palms I mentioned,   Look at all that color and texture!

The tree stump mentioned above!
Even a row of canoes is interesting.

Finally...a waterfall while walking out of the park!

Oops,  a few more.....this is us......enjoying the time in the south....


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