Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's still summer in my gardens

The calendar says fall, but my gardens say "not so fast, we aren't done yet."  The impatiens are gone and I did replace with some fall flowers, but having trouble putting out fall decorations yet.

I have 3 clematis....one usually blooms twice a season, the others at different times but often only once....until this year.   All 3 have bloomed non stop once the weather decided to get warm.

This is the one by the front door that usually blooms late May and again in August.   It's still going .... since May.

This is a small one by the light pole that I rescued from overgrown brush when we moved here,   It has never bloomed more than once.....until now.

The one by the mail box....usually gone by now,   Speaking of mailbox, look at its companion flower....the Mandevilla.

This is the hibiscus started from A little 4 inch cutting two years ago when we wintered in Florida.  It's now over 5 feet tall.

This is our largest grass....of which we have many different kinds.   I think it will need to be divided.

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