Thursday, April 14, 2016

6x6 Fundraiser Projects

One of our local galleries, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, has a fundraiser every year known as the 6x6 project.    You may submit any form of art as long as it measures 6 inches by 6 inches,   Thousands of works from all over the world are hung for viewing in the gallery and online purchase.   The purchase price for any work is $20 and as I said, this is a fundraiser.

I have been supporting this project for at least 5 years.   Usually, I make a couple entries, this year I did 3.

The top two pieces are actually from a guild challenge quilt which I cut up to make several smaller things. I almost like it better this way,   The embellishments on those are crystals....signifying rain drops or dew drops.

The bottom piece is a tree made of yarn which is hand sewn,   The flowers are all little French knots,   The birds's nest is made of yarn and threads and the robin's egg is a bead.  It is all done on white pintuck cotton for the background,   I don't do much handwork, but found this quite satisfying to complete.  I'm actually working on a larger one now.

Here is the link to view all the information and later you can view the thousands of artworks.   My fiber arts group is a big contributor to this.

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