Friday, August 12, 2016

Old Paint.....

Sounds like a song I know.....

Anyway that is the title of the photography lesson for this week!   Take a photo of "old or peeling" paint and use any technique we have learned to enhance or create something totally different!    I did both and had a hard time picking a favorite.

In the end, this is the one I chose to enter.    It is the peak of an old church that caught the evening sun.   I then duplicated the layer, flipped it horizontally and vertically and merged them.   Some exposure and saturation adjustments and VOILA!    Something Abstract!

The following ones are my "also ran" was hard to pick a favorite this week!

From the same church....manipulated color and merged with a face painted on an old bridge nearby.    Rather a "ghostly" effect!

I'm not sure what this piping was, but to me it looked like a rusty trombone!

Weathered and peeling boards - from the above mentioned bridge.   Duplicated and mirror-montaged!

From the culvert near that bridge - there was much spray paint graffiti.    I found this color painting and the word cupcake spray painted down the way.   Two photos merged together as I thought the colored one looked like a yummy cupcake!

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