Sunday, July 1, 2018

....and more wet cyanotype prints

Truth of an addiction......I can’t stop!   Am really liking the redbud leaves that I tried this year for the first time,    The foam board is sprayed with some pink dye-an-flow from Jacquard and some water,   I’m liking this as spots that might normally bleach out white now have a little color,  it’s still a magical process with little ability to predict what happens.

Fortunately my aneomone bush is quite full as I’m picking those too.   They transfer well,

The last is a Solomon's Seal leaf.    My first time to try this also.  

Then there was the day that nothing seemed to transfer well or with much color.   My dimestore analysis is that I didn’t get it wet enough and it was so hot the fabric dried out before processing. 

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