Sunday, January 6, 2019

It’s a New Year!

Every year I vow to do better on my blog....which should tell you how the last year ended.  I’m quilting.....a lot....but I can’t show any, or won’t show any, because they are all for challenges right now and we all prefer not to divulge ahead of time.   My guild challenge reveal is in two weeks and the theme is "Flora and Fauna".  I have two pieces for that,   My ArtCGirlz group is doing a "whisper" challenge.   This is based on the idea of the gossip game.   We will make a 9x12 piece which will be passed to the next person in our group,   They will make a 9x12 piece based on what they see, in the entire quilt or any one aspect of it.   This will rotate around the group with each person only seeing the one done before them....and no one sees their original piece until the end.   At the end we will reveal all 8 pieces to see how "gossip" changed the initial piece.   I can’t wait, it sounds like fun.

Meanwhile I’m still photographing and guess I should change my intro bio to this blog to include my new passion,   

A couple of photographs for you to enjoy,   These are both of the same lighted ornament that hung outside my house this year.   One has a snowy overlay and one shows bokeh.....the abstract lighting created by an out of focus background.   Enjoy!

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