Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stress Can Kill You.......................

..............please, don't let it.   If your body hurts, listen to it!    Don't try to push through it and don't ignore it.   How do I know?   What I thought was an appointment for a luxurious massage, turned into more massage therapy for a painful shoulder.   All the muscles of the neck, shoulders and one arm were extremely tight.  I had been complaining of shoulder pain thinking it was something like rotator cuff.   Now, I'm not so sure.   I know I tend to hold stress in parts of my body - but this was way more than I was aware of.   Don't be a hero and think you have to work and keep going and ignore pain!    It's not healthy.   Listen to your body and investigate what could be going on with your life that has taken up residence in your body!

Here's a restful picture.........    I find water to be very peaceful.   This is a nearby park where I walk in the summer.    I need to visualize this sort of thing more often!!

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