Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter................will it ever be spring!

OK, I'm trying to practice gratitude, positive thoughts, serenity etc., but I just don't like winter.   It doesn't like me and I don't like it.  If I'm to find a positive, it would be that last night we had fresh new snow and quite a bit of it, so everything is clean and covered again.

This has been a bad winter for icicles.   We hardly ever get them and both levels of our house have lots of icicles.   The one on the left end of this picture is actually 2 icicles - they had grown together and actually came down almost to the bottom of the window.

A lone clump of  grasses that surround my birdbath in the front yard.   Behind it is the concrete bench - both of these adorn my usually beautiful front yard - at least during the warmest seasons of the year.    I miss my front yard....and all the flowers, the rocks, the stones, the grasses.......all the beautiful textures of summer.

A view thru the gazebo to the shed at the back of the lot.  

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  1. I prefer a nice fresh layer of snow to the mud we get when it melts!
    I saw an icicle the other day that had bent as it grew due to the wind!