Monday, July 19, 2010

Griffis Sculpture Park

Last weekend my husband and I visited and stayed in the southern tier for a few days to take in some different sites & parks etc.   One such place was Griffis Sculpture Park.   It required a lot of hiking and it was hilly and it was HOT, but it was MORE than worth it.   Here are a pics of my a few of my favorites:

Simply titled...."Ten"

On the right - "Pineapple"

A Giant Mosquito

Love the Giraffe eating from the tall trees.

Mask - this was open so you could get inside
(assuming you were agile enough and could
stand the heat!!!)

A whole bevy of "sunbathing ladies"!

The Dancer

Abstract Landscape (on the right)

My husband getting in on the fun!!!!

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