Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilt Show

Today I went to a quilt show in Skaneateles.   It seemed like a smaller show than our guild show and definitely a smaller boutique and silent auction, but the vendors had a whole HUGE area and there were a ton of them - all kinds of them - in a huge room, known as the Vendor Mall........and it was Air-Conditioned!!!!
I find fewer and fewer quilts now that give me the real WOW factor, but I am posting some of my favorites here!   (Actually, some of my real favorites were the "Do Not Touch" Quilts made by their guild in place of Do Not Touch Signs!   What a great idea!    I'll post a couple of my favorites of those also.

This is probably my favorite
done by Nancy Bales.....
you could believe you were
actually there.   Cheesecloth
denotes the waterfall.

To the right is an example of wonderful thread

A really neat "town" scene.

To the right, this one probably had
the most viewers, trying to actually
see the woman's face in the shape
of the applique.   Truly a work of
art as everyone had a different opinion
as to how it should look.   It was titled
"Lady" and done by Barbara Ackley.  

Leaf Collage by Kitsie Demmerie
LOVED this!!!!

A batik with a large flower on the left
hand side.......all done in french knots.  

More Detail below.

Some of my favorites of the "Do Not Touch Quilts"

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