Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis Winter Now!!!

The first snow in my new house!!!    The whole street is just gorgeous - snow sticking to everything - a true winter wonderland.   I haven't taken any other pictures on the street, or in my backyard, but I should as we don't often get this kind of snow that stays clinging to the trees and bushes.

I don't have any quilting things to post right now, but I have been busy.   My "guild gift" is almost done - or at least one I can use for that.  I actually have a couple of things in the works and may have to pick between them.

Earlier this week my horoscopoe said I needed more creative time.   It said I didn't need more structure, I needed more playtime.   I decided to take that to heart and have been allowing some "creative time" each day.

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