Friday, February 25, 2011

Landscape Quilt

This is my latest landscape quilt - finally I think I'm"mostly" happy with it.   I had some issues with not enough shading and trying to get the water just right.   It is from a photo, the photo is manipulated to have 3 birds instead of just one, then printed on to printer fabric and worked into a larger quilt with commercial fabrics, tulle, metallic threads etc.   I just couldn't get the water around the birds to blend in with the commercial fabric I had chosen.   I finally fused small strips over parts of the printer fabric to blend in.     The first photo is the one I took in Maine, the second one is the manipulated photo to show the 3 birds that was printed onto printer fabric and the last photo is the finished (at the moment finished) landscape quilt.

This is the finished quilt!

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