Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Postcards for RAFA

I seem to be lacking in a whole lot of productivity right now.   But, I did finish some postcards for RAFA for the Arts Council Show.  Members donate their postcards and the Arts Council sells them and retains the monies obtained for the cards.  Here is my small lot of cards that I finished....

 The whole grouping to the left.
On the right is one I started with
threadpainting.   I like it, but it
won't be finished in time to take
I like using the vareigated threads.
(I am a thread junkie as much as
a fabric collector).   
I like doing feathers - as to the left; on the right is playing around
with fancy stitches on my machine.

Just some fancy scrolls and
To the right - a Christmas fabric enhanced with gold metallic thread and crystals.

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