Friday, April 1, 2011

Towpath Quilt Guild Quilt Show

Today was a fun trip with some of my quilting buddies to the Towpath Quilt Guild Show.   We enjoyed the show and did the requisite amount of damage at the vendors!!!

Some of my favorites in the challenge area:

 This is the requisite Challenge Fabric.   There were also 12 other steps they had to follow including adding at least 12 other fabrics, using yellow, but not white; using the star pattern somewhere in the quilt; using a textured fabric such as minkee, wool etc.; using embellishments such as beading and some hand quilting.   I would absolutely LOVE a challenge of this magnitude.

Can you find the challenge fabric - hidden in the center of the twisted log cabin.   The star pattern was also a requisite for this challenge.
All of the ladies skirts are part of the fabric.
I love dragonflies and butterflies.   You had to really search to find all the challenge requirements.   This was a 3rd prize winner, but my favorite.
Another 3rd place winnter.
The first place winner.
Part of the Art Quilt Group section - this next grouping.   This group calls themselves the QIG's.   Quilt Inspired Group!   The circles looked something like the foil on peanut butter cups.
Lots of fabric beads on this one.
This didn't photograph well, the brighter colored sections are beaded.
More butterflies from the CIQ.

And yet more butterflies and dragonflies.
 Ditto to the above - I think butterflies or dragonflies was part of the QIG challenge.
A beautiful kimono dance inspired quilt.   The quilt shape is the swirly shape - pinned to a black fabric.

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  1. All of those are awesome. I would love that kind of detailed challenge too.