Friday, May 20, 2011

Serendipity Play time with Art G Girlz

Tuesday night's meeting,led by Mary Lee was such fun. We all played in the glue and glued fabric in a design that we drew with sharpie markers. I believe this is explained in a book called "Serendipity Quilts by Susan Carlson. A fun time was had by all!!!!!

This is my leaf..........I like all the different colors - this was "pre-glue" and somehow it has changed a little in the glueing process. That couldn't be because I forgot where things went, could it?

Kathi is hard at work on her "X"

Lori's daughter, Beth, joined us tonight. ( I hope she comes every month). Lori is making a big purple swirl and Beth is working on a crescent moon.

Martha, (the overachiever) came with a pieced background to which she is adding a purple flower. The rest of us have only a dream of what our background might look like!!!!

Karen is working on a butterfly. (That's my next project)

 I have continued the method into the background, covered the whole thing with tulle, machine quilted feathers in the leaf and spirals in the background and added metallic ribbon for the veining in the leaf. I also plan to add some sparkly beads to the background. Why?? Well..just because that is what I do.

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