Monday, November 28, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge!

What do all of these things have in common?

1. A Man's tie (brown)
2.  a zipper (yellow)
3.  a white paper doily
4.  a metal scrubber (chore girl)
5.  a flat wooden bead
6.  a hair scrunchie (purple)
7.  rubber shelf liners

These are all part of the brown bag challenge we are doing in my guild.   We each received a brown bag with these 7 items (different colors and patterns) and were challenged to create something using all of them with any fabric we chose.   We could make a small quilt, purse, pillow......anything that we could show we used each of these items in some way.

I love things like this......I was one of the coordinators....but this was hard!   I'd have an idea and get stuck on using the last two items.   I'd have another idea and not like the way they all went together.   We have to use all 7 in some way, but they don't to appear in the quilt as they do in this picture.   Example:    Use one of the items to alter fabric in some way. 
Well, it is finally done and 2 weeks ahead of the due date (December 10).   YEA!!!!!   It's not a masterpiece, but I conquered the challenge.   No...of course you're not going to see the final product yet.   You know my blog is read my hundreds of people and I can't risk my idea being copied!!!!   Ha Ha...FYI - that is a big huge joke, designed to bring a smile (maybe even a loud guffaw) to your face!

Stay tuned!!!

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  1. HA! I did smile! It was hard! But fun.
    I made my project but still have to incorporate 3 more things. Have idea. Will have to make it work!