Monday, December 12, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge Revealed

So, this is it!!   "B is for Butterflies"!   That's the title of my finished piece.   The photo on the above right is a reminder of the objects we had to use.

I chose to make a big purple butterfly!   Why, well, because that would be "so" me.   I love purple and I love butterflies!!

I used the brown man's tie to make the body of the butterfly.   I used the doily to stencil the coppery design onto the wings, the zipper is the antenna and I cut the lime green hair scrunchy into little tiny bits and glued them to add dimension for the spots on the wings!!!

The background of this quilt is a piece of fabric I created by snow dying fabric a couple of years ago.   The green is created using the rubber gripper from the brown bag.   I painted onto one side of the gripper mat, then put it on the fabric and rolled it with a brayer to release the paint.   I used the copper mettalic scrubbie to add the dabs of copper paint you see above the butterfly wing.

Finally, I fused a the letter "b" onto the flat wooden bead - hence the title of this piece.

This was so fun and everyone's piece was way different than the one before it.  You can see all of the pieces on the Museum Quilt Guild Blog

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