Wednesday, December 28, 2011

YEAAAA!!! My computer is back!

Yea, my computer is home.   Now I have to try and remember all the things that I wanted to post before Christmas.

At our last guild meeting we exchanged our secret sister santa stockings.   My secret sister gave me a lovely quilt that she had made with attached beading (because she knows how much I like beads) and then left it with a note for me to quilt, saying I could do a much better job than she could.   I don't know - she is an expert handquilter, I am a machine quilter.   Oranges & Apples!!!   Anyway, here is the finished product, on my table with the advent wreath.   I think they coordinate quite nicely.

This is the quilt.   There is a String of silver beads around each of the purple squares.
I knew I wanted to quilt a wreath - as it was the Christmas Season and I knew I wanted to do a feather wreath.   Free motion - no pattern....a fun project.
This is a terrible picture color-wise.   The purple is a deep rich purple as seen in the other photos.   For some reason, I couldn't get it to show as dark in the photo.
The triangles around the edge.   The feathers continue - in the triangle and in the sashing.   I did a large scroll over the outside borders and sashing.  
Together, we have made a lovely quilt, I think.

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