Monday, May 21, 2012

First Clematis, Mary Diamond & Thread Painting

First of all, I must share my beautiful clematis.   It sits right by the front door, planted in the entry way concrete planter that is about 30 inches high.   I picked this because it said it would do well in shade....and it had purple flowers.   It does not disappoint!   So prolific!!!

Saturday at guild we had Mary Diamond, thread painter, for a program and workshop.   her quilts were lovely!    There was not one I didn't like.   I did take the class and we were to pick out flowers from her fused fabrics, attach them to a background and create a realistic looking bouquet or art quilt.   This is mine so far!!!

You can see that I did venture into the background to create some little green springs.   It's not done yet....perhaps some beads will find their way onto my little quilt.  Time will tell.

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