Saturday, April 14, 2012

Autumn Sky

This is my latest quilt - I'm thinking the title is driven by the fabrics.  I fell in love with these marbled fabrics that I saw at a show in New Jersey.
The orange is a little darker than this picture denotes.   I attached fusible webbing to a piece of black fabric, folded it in half and drew half a tree.   Then I proceeded to cut through both layers, with an exacto knife and scissors, so as to have a symmetrical tree when finished.   It turned out to be no easy task.   It was even more cumbersome when I removed the fusible and all those black branches twisted and stuck to each other.   Carefully, I had to separate them and form them into what would appear to be a symmetrical tree.   I think that was the hardest part of the whole project.   I then did close stitching on each branch, to permanently attach the tree and to complete part of the quilting process.   I completed the quilting with free motion swirls in the background, mostly following the pattern of the fabric.   Simple, yet strong!

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